Clinic Management

Are you looking for Clinic management service project? We are here to help you. You can contact us. This system is named a Clinic management service. This system is made to keep records about the patients, doctors, and other staff members working at a clinic or hospital receptionist. One can log in to the clinic management service using the email id or the user id and password.

After signing in into this system there are the options to add new patients, new doctors, and other new staff members like nurses and ward boys, etc. This system is designed to easily maintain the data of the patients specifically. Daily many new patients visit the clinic so adding the new patient’s details and keeping the records using it is very easy.

There is also an option to add and delete doctors and other staff member’s details. New and unique ids are given to everyone who gets registered over this system. There are also options to check the patient’s disease and course the patient is going through. Fees paid by any customer or patient can be saved on it and it is easy to calculate daily that the money is collected.

Doctors and other staff member like nurses, ward boys, janitor, and maid leaves can be deducted from their salary, and the rest of the salary can be paid easily using this clinic management service. It is easy to calculate money and handle accounts on monthly basis also. This system also has an option to use the backup, which means if we are backing up the database it can never be lost.

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