Virtual Agent

Virtual agent is a newly developed IVR solution which is designed to manage the call efficaciously during the on and off hours of an organization. The service provides you an exceptional way to receive all of the call on a single numbers and then redirect/divert to the distinct departments and divisions, as per caller’s needs and requirements. The service functions are entirely web driven while the call routing and features can easily be activated or deactivates simply by clicking on web.

Virtual agent encompasses various features which make it all the more alluring, attractive, and effective for every kind of business and industry. There additional features include voicemail, SMS alert, call recording, programmable extensions, personal greeting, caller based routing, time based routing, advanced call forwarding, CRM integration, and so forth on very affordable expenses.

Virtual agent is an outcome of the great efforts and our rock solid dedication to meet the right demands of our worthy clients. The cost-effectiveness and advanced features of the Virtual agent makes it usable for the business or organization of every scale: small, medium or big. The service also offers you to analyse callers and increase call traffic.

To understand the real worth and efficiency of Virtual agent, you can simply log in to our web page and try out our product.