Smart IVR

Smart IVR is perfect for any organization which needs one- or two-way communication with its partners to guarantee culmination or effectiveness of any business process. These could be the firms engaged in mobile or digital marketing, online classifieds, e-commerce, internet shopping, logistics, BPO and healthcare, or franchisee-based companies. In a nutshell, this is what Smart IVR can do – automate call centres, incorporate cloud communications to your CRM, bolster work area and other enterprise applications, track leads generated from marketing campaign, collect feedbacks or information through automated outbound calls, send suggestions/ reminders to clients and empower voice interactivity on sites. Following are significant features of Tyro Digital’s Smart IVR:

Call Recordings:
It records each call (on user consent) with simple accessibility. Every call is encrypted and put away for data security. Smart IVR tracks client interactions effortlessly and enhance the overall business process.

Gives a stable conferencing framework to speedy correspondence between groups spread across different areas/locations. Supported by a strong cloud communication platform, this feature can run different meetings on the same incoming number.

Customized Multilevel IVR:
Smart IVR offers adaptability in automating business process via telephone and setting-up custom menus. Clients can in a matter of time contact the right division or individual by taking after the extension numbers in the IVR.