Outbound Campaign

Outbound Dialer (OBD) is a cost-effective and reasonable communication product/service with cutting edge components to deliver data/ information to clients about different services, offers, and so on. Outbound Dialer is an automated dialling framework that dials a rundown of telephone numbers in a group through multiple channels.

It tries to reach more than a thousand of individuals in distinct languages. Implementation results in overall profitability with impeccable control over call operations in an organization. OBD can be used as a capable tele-marketing tool to advance different projects, advertisements, offers and value- added services to clients with minimum cost and time. Implementation of automated outbound dialling in a firm or organization simplifies the procedure of call handling to a great extent. OBD can dial a great many calls at once through multiple channels to contact subscribers with an array of campaigns.

With the automation of outbound calls the time devoured by a client service staff in manual dialling decreases to a great extent and this permits to have more control over operations bringing about more noteworthy efficiency and productivity. OBD can be used as a capable marketing tool to optimize business benefits. Any small, medium or corporate organization can advance their services, offers, products, and so forth through our automated campaigning system.

Key Features:

  1. Automatically dials mobile number subscribers to promote and market services.
  2. Intelligently segregates un-successful calls and re-dials automatically.
  3. Allows checking the quality of voice calls before initiating the dialling process.
  4. Generates various reports.
  5. Supports virtually unlimited levels in call flow.
  6. Supports Call Patching that is it routes IVR call to a customer support executive.
  7. Allows adding operator’s internal ‘Do not Dial (DND)’ list.
  8. Allows defining dialling policies to call a particular list of numbers daily, weekly or monthly.
  9. Allows online and real-time activation and subscription process.