Email Marketing

E-mail marketing is not only your message written in a long prose sent directly to users across the web. It has evolved into thoughtfully drafted communication for targeted audience with rich text, images, media, hyperlinks, or even action buttons, bringing the decision making and ultimately the entire marketplace to the users single tap on the screen.

With increasing smartphone penetration, users inbox is now not only on their desktops, but is in their hands at the click of a button or at a glance at the screen. We help your message reach to them and be there when they are most likely to pay attention to it. Increasing mobile internet penetration with more and more users owning Smartphone’s now makes sure they are connected to their mailbox throughout the day, and the night as well. Users regularly check their e-mail, often several times a day, irrespective of whether it’s a push mail service or their notifications are turned off. And when they do so, we are there for them, on your behalf, with your message nicely packaged in the form most suitable to the read.