Direct Carrier Billing

Anyone with a mobile phone can make payments Online. Direct carrier billing (“DCB”) is an online payment method. It allows users to make purchases by charging payments to their mobile phone bill. This payment method is available to all Smartphone and feature phone owners. The only thing needed to confirm payments is a device with a SIM card

Why is direct carrier billing popular?

  • There are 5 times more mobile phones than credit cards.
  • Simple checkout flows mean up to 10x better conversion rates.
  • Carrier billing is secure: no personal data gets transmitted

Direct carrier billing provides a bigger payment coverage than traditional payment like credit cards. In countries like India, only 2% of all people have a credit card. Globally, there is only 1 credit card owner per 5 mobile phone owners. Even in mature markets with high ownership of bank cards, consumers prefer to pay with direct carrier billing due to its simplicity and security.

Better conversion rates
Direct carrier billing requires the user only to enter their phone number to make a payment. In contrast, card-based payments require the user to share their name, card number, home address etc. Due to a shorter checkout flow, merchants using both payment methods report up to 10x better conversion rates with carrier billing than with credit cards.

Smooth customer experience
Carrier billing is convenient. There is no need to sign up for any additional accounts or fill out any forms. Payments are completed in a manner of seconds and provide the best checkout experience on mobile devices, where filling out forms is tiresome. For a global overview of user spending behavior, check out our interactive map.

Consumer identity is protected
Making payments with carrier billing is secure. No personal data is transmitted during the payment process so there is no need to worry about identity theft. Direct carrier billing always requires the user to confirm the payment on a physical device. This makes card-not-present type fraud impossible. You can read more about fraud prevention with carrier billing from our blog post.